Friday, February 20, 2015

Why I Want To Go To College

Wanting to know what you want to work at can be stressful. I always thought that I needed to know what I was going to do right away, but you have time to think what you want to really do. Changing your mind of what you want to be is normal because you want a job you truly want. In college they give you choices and you choose the one you think you are going to be successful in and enjoy. It is a good choice to get a job that you enjoy. I want to be a doctor when I am older. I want to check up on people, mostly little kids. I look up to my mom and dad and they inspire me. They went to college, and I want to also. They have good jobs and I hope someday I do too. My parents push me forward to go to college. They are there for me and they will always be. College is very important to me because I want a life-long job. My brother is a senior in high school now and is making plans for college next year.
My future goals are to get all the education I need, a job I will enjoy, and to help people. Getting education will get me a long way in life. Helping people as a doctor is something I want to do. I think working as a doctor would be fun because you get to help people and you could do something different everyday. I think I would prefer working with little kids but working with older patients would be interesting too. I think working in an emergency room would be scary, so I would rather just work in a doctors office to do check ups. I want to get a job that I will like, and I will enjoy everyday. I hope I can make a positive difference in other peoples lives. I am excited to go to college and learn all of the skills to be successful at my job. I want to be successful in life. 
When I am in high school I would like to get a part time job at our local hospital so I can learn more about what doctors do everyday. I can also learn about the other jobs in the hospital. There are so many different jobs in a hospital that can help people. This will help me decide on what I want to do for a career. A hospital has hundreds of employees all who are important. There are people who cook and clean, people who are doctors and nurses, some people do lab work, take x-rays, give medicine, do surgeries, deliver babies, fix broken bones, and so much more! If I could work in a hospital as a high school student it would help me see all of the different job options for helping people and help me decide what I want to do when I grow up.
Going to college prepares you for a better future.You will learn career skills and life skills. Attending college gives you an education. It is also a time to mature and gain new responsibilities. This will all lead you to a better paying job. Without a college education it would be difficult have a productive future and a good career. Without a college education, most jobs are entry level and pay minimum wage. It is really important for me to go to college because my parents really encourage me too.

In conclusion, for now I enjoy being a junior high student, but I look forward to my future in college. Junior high is a time of learning about what you like and don’t like. There are so many choices to make in my future. As a junior high and high school student, it will be important to study hard, get good grades, and to be involved in activities such as sports or other school groups. Being involved in groups and teams helps you learn how to work with others. I know I might change my mind by the time I graduate high school, but for now I am most interested in being a doctor. 


  1. I love how you want to go to college but at least you updated it fast

  2. I don't think I could be a doctor, to much blood, but good luck with that profession. :)))))