Friday, October 31, 2014

Ghost story


     Have you ever saw a ghost in a public school? Well, at OHS there is a ghost in the library! This ghost is not like the rest. Her name is Cindy Wells. No one knows why she is here. She wears a white lacy dress with black slip-on shoes. She also has white, long, frizzy hair and black eyes. Her skin looks pale and almost looks like it is glowing. She is very skinny and has sharp yellow teeth. Cindy has glasses that are on the tip of her long nose. The room is cold because that is a sign that there is a ghost in the room. Everyone is scared of her. There is no librarian that works there because she had quit because of the fright of the ghost.
     Cindy the ghost likes to read during her free time. She rearranges the books and mixes them all up because she likes to joke around and trick people. There is a wooden rocking chair in the corner of the library that she loves to rock in. Sometimes you can’t see her, so the chair looks like it is rocking with no one in it. At night, she throws books and papers all over the room. She changes her mood to sad, happy, and angry all of the time.
     One time I went into the library with my friend Makenzie because we needed some books for an assignment. We saw Cindy in her rocking chair and she was crying and screaming. We dashed to a row of books and hid behind them. We could hear her footsteps coming toward us. We didn't want to stand up because then she would see us, so we crawled to another book shelf. We were one book shelf away from the books we needed. Cindy was knocking the books down to try to see where we were. She was furious that she couldn't find us. So then she was knocking the rows of books down and throwing books around the room. A book landed right by me, so that meant she was really close. We were very scared. We crawled to one more shelf and we found our books. She was standing right behind me. She was breathing on me. I looked back and I stared into her black eyes. Her eyes seemed to get bigger and bigger. We could see that she had sharp teeth. Makenzie was so scared she chucked a dictionary at Cindy’s head, but the book just went straight through her. She just laughed at that like it was the funniest thing ever. Her laugh is very screechy and high pitched. We screamed as loud as we could. She kept getting closer to us. All of the sudden, I hear the door open. There was my teacher standing there telling us to hurry up. The weird thing is, the ghost disappeared, the shelves were standing up, and the books were neatly placed on the shelves. Our teacher told us to get off the floor and gave us detentions. He said no excuses either. So we got in trouble even though we didn't do anything. He said he could hear us laughing and running around, even though we didn’t. We told him we didn't do that and that the books were everywhere and the shelves were knocked over because of Cindy. He did not believe us. Right when I walked out of the room, I looked back.  There was Cindy, laughing in her rocking chair and pointing at me.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween At Hogwarts

Makenna Fowler
Period 4

Halloween at Hogwarts

My name is Makenna Fowler and I am a new student at Hogwarts. As I walked into the Great Hall, I could smell very strange and some delicious smells. The hall was pretty dark with candles flickering everywhere on the four tables. We had to wear hair-raising costumes because we are going to have a contest of who had the best costume. I had a scary mask on with popping red eyes and a green face. I was frightened when I walked in because a screeching noise from a creepy, ugly witch came from right behind me and swooped up towards the tall ceiling. I could feel her shirt scraping on my head. The ceiling had large spiders crawling and whispering. I could hear them saying my name in a moaning sound. I could see all the spiders staring at me with their red, glowing eyes. I had never saw anything like that before. A skeleton poked me and demand me to sit down. I was so spooked. He was a servant giving people drinks. I sat down by my friend Harry Potter. He had the most horrifying mask ever! The mask had blood everywhere and scary sharp teeth! Anyway, right above me was a chandelier that was a pumpkin. I thought any second it could fall straight down on me. There was plates and cups sitting on the table mat. The table mat was just plain black. 
The plates all of the sudden filled with food. Chicken noodle soup, fried chicken, ham, mashed potatoes, pudding, pumpkin pie, and lots more. There was a strange brownish green glob on my plate. I had no clue what it was. I took my spoon and played with it for a while. I shoved some in my mouth. It was so terrible! It tasted like old bitter cheese with too much salt in it. Other wise, the food was great and very delicious. The skeleton came to me and handed me a drink. I was nervous to drink it, but I gave it a try. It was a blue liquid. It tasted like grape juice with a pop like fizz to it. Harry and I ate as much food as we could. All in all, the food was great.
After we ate, there were multiple games we could play. One of the games was pin the legs on the spider. Also we had broom races, scariest costume, trick or treating, and who can make the best witch soup. I had lost the broom racing because it was new to me and I had trouble getting the broom to fly. Harry won the scariest mask contest, I wasn’t surprised. All in all, I had a great time. I like this new school of mine!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mother Goose Poem

Hello! diddle, diddle,
fierce cat and the little fiddle,
fat cow leaped over the bright, full moon;
meek dog snickered
watch such amazing game,
And the
shiny, small dish sprinted away with the dull, large spoon.