Monday, September 29, 2014

My Personal Brand Video - IAM Video

Three things that I learned from doing his project are:

  1. I learned to add affects in my movie.
  2. I learned how to put pictures in my movie.
  3. I learned how to put a video of my own in my movie.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dot Day

Today is Dot Day. The book reminds people that everyone is creative and has talent. You can be as creative as you can be! Vashti learned that she was still very creative, it remind me that I was also too. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

An Unforgettable School Day

One morning, ready to go, I was drop dead nervous. I got in the car with my sister, brother, and my mom. We took off, I was a new student in 2nd grade, at O’Neill Elementary Public School.
I was scared that I wouldn't fit in or have any friends. We had moved here because most of my family lives here. It was a very hard time to leave my house and my friends behind. I had to say my name, what I liked to do, and where I came from to the whole class. I used to live by Lincoln, in Martell, and I went to school in Crete. It was a gigantic school, way more kids than in O’Neill. All I remember is feeling my face getting really red and I could feel everyone staring at me. All of the kids told me their names and what they liked to do too.
I thought that this school was going to be bad and everything was going to be different but, I was mistaken. The teachers were nice, and I was on track with what I had learned at my old school. So I did fit in. I was very worried about fitting in. People talked to me and were very nice. It took a while to the meet other kids in the different classes. I eventually met kids in the other classes and became friends with them too.
Now, it feels like I have lived here all of my life. This school is a really good school. I am glad I have moved here, it was a good experience for me. I still miss some of my friends, but I was little so I only new them for a short amount of time. 
My sister and brother like it here too! It is really distressing moving, but you should always remember you can make new good friends. I love my school and my friends! I am glad I moved. I will never forget that day.